What Are Your Options for Your Home Heating and Cooling Needs?

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If you experience too hot temperatures in your house during the summer and too cold temperatures during the winter, you might need to invest in an air conditioning unit. You might have some questions like where to start or which is the best air conditioning unit to buy. The following includes a simple guide to help you make the right decisions:

1. You Might Need an Energy Audit

To get an air conditioning unit that is appropriate for your house and heating and cooling needs, an energy audit should be carried out. It is mostly an inspection of your house to find out the design features that may affect how cool or warm your house gets. They include the presence and design of ventilators, insulation, high ceilings, large or small windows, etc.

Once these factors are identified, an energy audit specialist will report their findings. The report also recommends what needs to be done and the type of air conditioning system to be purchased. The energy audit specialist also aims at ensuring that the recommendation lowers your energy expenses.

2. Understanding Your Air Conditioning System Options

The most recommended AC systems are split systems, which can either be ducted or ductless:

Ductless air conditioning systems: Ductless air conditioning systems comprise of two units. One of the units is placed outside and the other inside your house. The unit that is placed outside is known as a condensing unit, while the unit that is placed inside your house is referred to as an air handling or evaporator unit. Both these units work together to bring cool or warm air to your home.

Please note that the evaporator/air handling unit can either be placed in one room (the room you want heating and cooling) or you can have multiple units for each room that requires heating and cooling (you will have one condensing unit outside that links to multiple evaporator units).

Ducted air conditioning systems: These have an outside unit (a condensing unit) just like the ductless system. The only difference is that when it comes to the area inside your house, there is no second unit. The condensing unit joins a series of ducts that terminate in every room that needs cooling and heating in your house. You should know that this type of system may require a lot of construction work to place them properly in your ceiling or walls.

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