Benefits Of Ducted Heating

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When it's time to update your heating system, it's essential to think long-term and to install something that provides ongoing comfort and flexibility. Here are some benefits of ducted heating.

Unobtrusive Design

Unobtrusive ducted heating vents provide discreet outlets that emit warmth without interfering with your room design. Large wall heaters, in contrast, not only intrude on the aesthetics of the room, but their placement also often limits how you arrange furniture within the space. It would look strange, for example, to arrange your sofa with the back to a wall heater. With ducted heating, you can choose where to place multiple vents. This allows more leeway in how you arrange furniture in the future also.

Offers Versatile Heating Options

Ducted heating provides freedom in how you regulate your home's temperature. You can focus on controlling the heat in individual rooms, targeting places that you frequently occupy. Or else, you can warm the entire home evenly. The choice is up to you. This versatility helps to maximise energy costs because the system isn't necessarily operating to heat unused rooms. If you work in a home office, you can target that area to keep it comfortable all day while maintaining but minimising heat in other places. Then in the evening, you can adjust the heating to favour living areas and bedrooms. 

Additionally, ducted heating distributes heat evenly throughout a space for comfortable, consistent warmth. You won't have a room with a hot zone around a wall heater, for example, with cold and draughty room perimeters.

Flexible Installation Options

When installing a ducted system, you have the benefit of flexible installation options which suit different kinds of homes. The roof, underneath the floor or outside are possible locations for the central heating unit, which is typically either a gas furnace or reverse cycle system. 

The vents can also exist in various positions on the ceiling, wall or floor. As hot air naturally rises, vents that open from the floor or low on the wall are more efficient because the warmer air then moves upwards, dispersing throughout the space. Also, multiple vents provide additional options, as you can close the duct fully or partially with dampers to control the heat flow. Your contractor can help with decisions on vent placement to ensure the most freedom in the future for rearranging the room. Ducted heating systems also come with different energy ratings, allowing you to choose the best option for your home.

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