Understanding Split Systems

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Most of the time, people wonder what split systems are and how they differ from conventional air conditioners. It is not just about the amount of space you have available and the home's general layout. Split systems need more room compared to a packaged air conditioner, but that does not indicate that they are better. By reading this article, you will find out more about split systems and why they have become the choice of most people. Aside from being cost-effective, they have a lot of other benefits as well.

How To Tell If You Have A Split System

The simplest way of determining if you have a split system air conditioner is to check if there are two parts. If there is one part inside your house and another one outside, then it is a split system. The part inside the house is the evaporator unit, and the part outside is the condensing unit.

If the air conditioner is only one part—where the condenser, compressor and evaporator coil are all located in one unit—then it is a packaged unit.

How A Split System Works

As indicated above, the heat pump of split systems has components that are located indoors and outdoors. These components will work together.

On the home's exterior, there is a compressor and condenser, which maintains the highest rate of refrigerant flow. While the fan is blowing outside air, most of the refrigerant heat is lost. The condensing unit is where the heat that used to be inside your house gets eliminated outside.  

On the home's interior, there is an air handler, which is the one responsible for cycling and distributing the air. The two split components are protected and connected by a conduit. These heat pumps are basically ductless which is an advantage. A lot of the split systems model allows several indoor air handlers that can be attached to a condenser with one door only. These air handlers are programmable using individual thermostats.

Why Go For Split Air Conditioners?

Split system air conditioners allow the engineering of an efficient unit, using SEER values, which is the seasonal energy efficiency ratio. These systems can be placed in different locations including attics, closets, garages, attics, etc. Split air conditioners cost lower and easier to fix. Maintenance is also easy and they are usually quieter than packaged units.

Split systems have become the choice for most people and businesses today.

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