3 Signs You Need to Replace Your Commercial Refrigerator

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Have you been experiencing some problems with your commercial refrigerator? If you work in the food industry, you will agree that the job is rewarding. However, it comes with its own fair share of challenges, one of them being the wear and tear of big kitchen essentials, such as a commercial refrigerator. How can you know if some of the refrigeration problems you are experiencing can be handled with maintenance or when it's time to purchase a new one?

The items listed in this post are not definitive signs that you must get a new refrigerator, but if you face these same problems over and over again (and the quality of food is affected), it could be time to purchase a new appliance.

Loud operation noise

A commercial refrigerator tends to be much noisier compared to home fridges, so do not panic if it makes some consistently loud noise. However, if it starts making clinking sounds that are different from the usual refrigerator hum, you probably have an issue with the condenser fan or the motor. If the problem is with the condenser fan, you can remedy the problem by hiring an expert to remove any form of debris that could be blocking it. Be sure to turn the fridge off and shut off the power supply before checking the problem or simply wait for an expert to check it on your behalf.

Frost buildup

In case you notice that frost is building up in the fridge, it means that the appliance isn't cooling properly. Unfortunately, this can lead to a substantial loss for the business. While regular maintenance can help you manage the problem temporarily, you may have to buy a new refrigerator if you find yourself calling for repair constantly.

Another sign that your cooling system isn't working effectively is if you don't hear the unit's compressor running (that humming sound we associate with a fridge). One of the ways to keep the appliance running is to clean it every three months.

Wet patches around the fridge

There are various reasons that a commercial refrigerator leaks water. Some of these reasons include a clogged drainage hose, a full evaporator fan or a gasket that needs to be replaced. If these parts are working efficiently and you are still experiencing leakages, then you could be having issues with the entire unit. This means it's better to get another appliance.

Get in touch with a commercial refrigeration company near you for more information.

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