How to Get the Most Out of Your Air Conditioner?

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While everyone wants to keep warm in winter and cool in summer, power rates continue to rise steadily. Whether you already own one or are planning to buy an air conditioner, there are effective ways to use it and save on your energy cost and help conserve the environment as well. Here is how to get the most out of your ducted air conditioner:

Switch off your air conditioning system before you sleep

This point is crystal clear and straightforward. Switch on your air conditioner system during the day and turn it off while sleeping. The reason for this is because at night, air is cooler and you don't really need to turn on your air conditioning. You can open your window and let in the breeze. Also, your body does not need the air conditioner when you are sleeping, because it requires less temperature to work, as opposed to during the day. Therefore, by turning off your air conditioning you can have some sweet dreams while saving on energy costs.

Clean your air conditioner regularly

Your air conditioning filters should be kept clean at all times. Normally, dust and dirt clogs up on the filters and reduces the machine's efficiency significantly, which in turn, increasing operation bills, increasing noise and reducing the conditioner's lifespan because it strains to achieve air flow. If you have an evaporative system, switch it off; remove the panels to access the filters. 

On the other hand, reverse cycle air conditioning machines need constant cleaning: at least once every two months. To clean the system, switch it off, position the air grille down to access the filter and vacuum clean it. For the split system, position the fascia up to access the filter and then vacuum it. For more information, make sure to read the manufacturer's manual and instructions.

Upgrade your air conditioning system

Now, if you already own a ducted reverse cycle air conditioner, you obviously know the amount of energy it consumes during hot seasons. There are always new products on the market that you can check out. New and improved air conditioning systems continue to flood the market. So, consider an upgrade, this will save you money in the long run.

You don't have to strain your wallet anymore. With the above efficient tips, you can reduce your energy costs and even extend your air conditioning system's life. Implement them and see how they help your system.

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