2 Important Considerations to Make Before Deciding Whether or Not to Install a Ducted Air Conditioner

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When it comes to maintaining comfortable interior temperatures, an air conditioning system is a valuable addition to your house. To ensure optimal temperature control, it is important for you to choose the best air conditioner. But with many different types of air conditioners being offered in the HVAC systems market, identifying the most suitable air conditioner for your house can be a bit confusing, especially if it is your first time shopping for air conditioning equipment. 

In terms of overall performance, ducted air conditioners are one of the best air conditioning systems available today. This is because they can allow you to control indoor temperatures throughout the whole house while using just a single system. In addition to that, the system is remarkably inconspicuous, as it is often installed in the ceiling. 

However, as you'd expect, ducted air conditioners are not cheap to install. For this reason, there are a number of important aspects you will need to think through before reaching a final decision on whether or not you should make the pricey household purchase. Here is a look at some of those considerations. 

Ownership rights over the house

Though it may seem rather far-fetched, whether or not you own the house you are living in can affect your decision to install a ducted air conditioner. As the only parts of the system that should remain visible are the air return and air supply grilles, installers will have to encroach your home's attic. If you own the home, you may be okay with this, but if you simply rent it, your landlord might have to consent to the changes you will need to make on the building beforehand. Also, if you are renting, make sure you will be able to keep staying in the house for a long time without being kicked out by your landlord. This way, you can guarantee a good return on your investment.

Availability or non-availability of HVAC ductwork

Whether or not HVAC ductwork is available in your home can also impact your decision to install a ducted air conditioner. Ducted air conditioners are a favoured choice for homes with existing ductwork because homeowners simply have to connect the air conditioning equipment to the ductwork. In turn, homeowners are able to maximise the use of their ductwork. But for homes without ductwork, the upfront cost of installing a ducted air conditioning system may prove to be too high. Hence, they may easily shy away from spending a lot of money.

If you have any question about ducted air conditioners, consult an experienced HVAC technician that services your local area. 

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