Commercial HVAC Maintenance: How to Reduce Your Air Conditioner's Energy Consumption

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Commercial air conditioners are beneficial for promoting optimal space cooling during hot weather. However, these appliances are highly energy-intensive, and they can increase your businesses monthly power expenses. Unfortunately, this system cannot be eliminated from the commercial space because it ensures employee comfort and productivity. However, you can manage your energy consumption and the related expenses by improving your HVAC maintenance and care practices. Here are some practical tips for reducing the total power usage by your commercial air conditioner.

Consider Upgrades or Replacement

It is difficult to reduce your energy consumption if your air conditioner is old, inefficient or unreliable. Therefore, if your appliance has served you for a long time, you should think about replacing the unit with a better model. Modern AC systems are built to reduce energy wastage and general inefficiencies in their operation. You should also note that a new appliance will spare you the costs of constant repair and replacement of parts. If you cannot afford a new unit, you should think about upgrading the system. For example, you can retrofit your old rooftop air conditioner with economiser controls, or demand controlled ventilation features.

Inspect and Seal Air Ducts

Your commercial air conditioner could be consuming a lot of energy due to duct problems. The ductwork is critical to the optimal performance of the central AC unit because they allow efficient distribution of the cooled air. Regrettably, they can also be a source of inefficiency. In simple terms, if they let the cooled air to escape through the walls, the AC must consume more energy to compensate the loss. As a result, your energy bills will increase significantly. Therefore, you should hire an HVAC contractor to inspect the ductwork for leaks. If there are cracks or holes in the channels, the technician will seal them to restore energy efficiency.

Perform Quality Maintenance

Finally, you should be diligent in performing the recommended maintenance tasks for your commercial air conditioner. Simple upkeep practices will ensure that the system continues running smoothly for long. If the AC unit is at its best, the appliance will not experience operational strain, and there will be no unusual power expenses. For the best results, you should engage an experienced HVAC contractor to perform the scheduled maintenance work. However, if you would like to cut some costs, you can carry out simple care processes such as cleaning or replacing the filters and maintaining the air register in your interior space. 

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