Installing an Energy-Efficient Air Conditioner

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As energy costs continue to rise and resources continue to become scarce, energy efficiency is a top concern among homeowners. The air conditioning unit is a prime candidate for energy efficiency. Indeed, an energy efficient air conditioner can save significantly on costs and allow you to remain cool in your home without spending large amounts of money.

The most important step is to first purchase an energy-efficient unit. However, the process doesn't stop there. It's also necessary to engage air conditioning repair services in order to address issues such as ductwork problems, vents, and vent location.

While your new unit may be an energy-efficient model, you may not reap its full benefits if you don't invest in repairing the other surrounding components. Make sure you pay attention to the following components of the air conditioning system to gain maximum energy efficiency.

Inspecting the ducts

It doesn't matter how efficient your A/C unit is if the ducts are not allowing for the free flow of cool air. Many homeowners invest in new air conditioners but don't enjoy energy savings because the ductwork is in poor shape.

Along with purchasing your new energy-efficient unit, make sure the ducts are inspected. Air conditioning repair services can thoroughly inspect your ducts to ensure the seams are fitted properly, and that all airways are adequately wrapped and insulated. This will enable the cool air for your new unit to reach the room more efficiently and to reduce associated energy costs.

Cleaning the vents

Another common culprit to energy efficiency is a blocked and dirty vent. Even if your new unit blows cool air more efficiently, dirty vents will prevent the cool air from reaching the room with the same velocity and temperature.

Along with your new A/C, make sure an air conditioning repair service cleans your vents of dirt and debris. Any blocking items should also be removed.

Proper vent positioning

In many a case, the vents may be clean and clear but are not positioned in an efficient manner. This can cause your new A/C unit to incur high cooling costs despite it being an energy-efficient model. Luckily, air conditioning repair can ensure that your vents are of the proper size and are positioned along floors, walls and ceilings that maximize the delivery of cool air.

They can also equip deflectors in vents that are located near windows and other sources of heat to make sure the air that is delivered is always cool.

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