Tell-Tale Symptoms Your Ducted Heat Pump May Be Leaking Warm Air Via the Ductwork

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Winter is the coldest time of the year; therefore, you'll want your ducted heat pump to work at full potential during this time. Unfortunately, things don't always go according to plan, so you shouldn't be caught by surprise if your heat pump starts acting up at any time during winter. One of the most common problems experienced when air conditioning with ducted heat pumps is leaky ductwork. Being able to tell when conditioned air is escaping from your heat pump through the ductwork is vital.

Here is a breakdown of some top signs revealing that your ductwork may be leaking precious conditioned air needed to keep your living space warmer in winter.

When your heat pump takes longer to warm your space.

Is your heat pump taking longer than usual before reaching the desired room temperatures yet your thermostat settings are still the same? If so, it could be that airflow from your air supply registers is too weak due to leaky ductwork. A quick and simple way to test for airflow is to place your hand over the air supply registers. If warm air is coming out at a slower rate, then your ductwork could be leaky.

When the air inside the home starts feeling stuffy.

If the air you breathe inside your house feels dirt-laden and you notice that your family is suffering from dry coughs, the most likely cause for the problem is bad indoor air quality. Airborne contaminants drawn into your ducted system due to the presence of leak spots could be subjecting your household to the unhealthy environment. It is especially important to have your ductwork checked for leaks if you have asthmatic sufferers in the house.

When your monthly energy expenses keep soaring.

Have your monthly electricity bills been going up of late and you suspect that your heat pump is responsible for the issue? If so, then it could that your space-heating appliance is wasting energy by losing conditioned air through the leaks in your ductwork. If there are leaks in your ducts, your heat pump will be forced to run harder than it normally does so as to achieve the required indoor temperatures. In the process, electricity consumption goes up, leading to increased monthly energy bills.

If you observe any of the above problems with your ducted heat pump, the best course of action is to call in an HVAC technician and have them look into the issue. 

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